Emotions are an integral part of humans and their development. Emotions are developed by humans to help others in need of help or in danger. However, it is of significance with the development of the modern society and the civilization, humans are being dictated that showing emotions is a sign of weakness. In some other cases, it is even degrading since they tend to classify emotions as a product of females without strong wills. However, emotions are important to be expressed and bottling up emotions is toxic not only to the individual who is not expressing their feelings but also to others around them. It is important to understand that unexpressed emotions are like homemade pipe bombs, there are highly unstable, volatile and will erupt or detonate without warning.

Find a doctor

Unexpressed emotions in a relationship are like allowing a malignant form of tumour to grow without any preventive measures. Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor – a psychologist in this case before the problems become bigger. Research shows that an average couple in USA goes up to six years in an unhappy relationship without addressing issues. This will in turn affect the people around them significantly. However, it is important to emphasize that being late is better than never in counselling. See here for more details regarding ptsd treatment.

What to go for?

When a couple has relationship problem, they should go for couples counselling in Townsville since it is forced mainly on them. It is true family therapy is much suited for people who are married with kids. But, only if you can address the problem the parents, you can draw the other problems. Research shows that kids model on their parent’s behaviour and most of the deviant behaviours exhibited by them are a result of their parent’s behaviour. It is true happy parents’ means happy children. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you get the therapy or treatment you need.

Is divorce or separation or break up the only solution?

Most counsellors tend not to jump and suggest the dissolution of the relationship. They try to work things out between the people involved. However, there are instances when the counsellor might feel that the couple is better of separated rather than being together. But, it is important to understand that even if the couple had been living in disagreement for years, they can always mend their relationships with the help of the counsellors. In conclusion, it should be noted that it is not impossible to med a relationship when people involved are interested in doing so. However, if the people involved are toxic to each other then, it is more likely for the counsellor to advice them to stop seeing each other. But, they still want to continue their relationship, and then the counsellor might develop plans to make them more compatible.