Playing some kind of a sport is really good for both your mind and body. However, certain mistakes and negligence done while playing can do more harm than good. So here are few mistakes you need to avoid when playing:

Not taking immediate action

A common mistake made by people is that when they get injured while playing, they don’t take immediate action. For example those who do swimming regularly are likely to suffer from shoulder impingement Sydney CBD syndrome and this occurs when muscles become irritated and inflamed. If you suffer from a shoulder pain you should consult a specialist immediately, this is because it could be treated before getting worse. Similarly cricketers have to be quick when the ball hurts their knees or other sensitive areas as delaying medical treatment can be very dangerous.

Taking it too seriously

If you have invested a lot of time and effort practicing a particular game then it is likely that you are going to be stressed before it starts as you don’t want to lose. However, sometimes over thinking makes it hard to focus on the game and you end up losing. So don’t think about the result, instead enjoy the game and give your best. Even if you happen to lose, you don’t have to take it personally against the opposite team. Sports coach should always try to incorporate sportsmanship spirit in their team. Also if your team loses because of mistake made by one of the team members then you shouldn’t yell at them or blame him/her. This is because it could affect them in a negative way and they will end up losing all the confidence. As a sports coach it is your duty to build up the confidence and point out their mistakes in private and not in front of 1000 other people.

Stop the game if necessary

This is usually practiced by people and that is when one of the team members is severely injured, they stop the game and make sure that the injured team member gets a medical attention. For example if a swimmer suddenly gets some kind of pain whether back or shoulder, you should make sure he/she gets medical attention immediately. In the case of back pain he should go to a back pain specialist as soon as possible. Sometimes people get so engrossed with the game and super obsessed with winning that they don’t pay any attention to the person who is injured. This is wrong and you must show some form of humanity.So if you are someone who plays sports, do consider the above mentioned factors before getting on the field!